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X8 Sub


X8 Sub is a recommended subwoofer for X8 line arrays and other QANON AUDIO < products. It adds to the sub-low frequency of the system by enhancing the throwing ability of the low frequency. It allows the operating frequency range of the system to be extended to 36Hz. 
The X8 Sub extend woofer is internally loaded with a 15-inch speaker. It has powerful impact, sensitivity and low frequency performance, and its internal four corners have a triangular vent progressive shape that allows laminar airflow and reduced turbulence noise. These combined features help to improve the level of operation.  
The X8 Sub enclosure is made of Baltic birch plywood to ensure maximum acoustic and mechanical integrity.  
The X8 Sub extend woofer can be used as an independent array or fly at the top of a vertical array composed of X8 line arrays.X8 Sub is driven and amplified by C15 or H series /VDA12 power controller. Protect and optimize different configurations of loudspeaker systems, including cardioid 
Dimensions: 430mm, height: 560 mm, depth:600 mm , weight:35kg (79.3lbs) The cabinet shall be fitted with internal hardware and connected via two parallel NL-4 SpeakOn


- Maximum SPL 134dB

- 1 x 15" neodymium low frequency drive unit

- 0° horizontal

- Adjust angle with (X8)0°,-2°,-4°,-6°

- Rigging or ground stacking integrated assembly system

- Lifting X8 speaker system integration

- Low frequency limit extends to 36Hz (-10dB)

- C15/H Series /VDA12 power amplifier controller 

 Technical Specification 

- Type : Extend woofer 

- Frequency Response(Preset) : 36Hz-300Hz(-10dB) 

- Horizontal : 0° 

- Angle Increments(X8) : 0°  2°  4°  6° 

- Drivers : LF:1× 15" Neodymium 

- Handling Power (AES)  : LF:1200W 

- Maximum Peak SPL : 134dB/1m 

- Nominal Impedance : LF:8Ω 

- Pin Connections : NL4=LF:+1-1

- Connections : 2 x NL4 SpeakOn 

- Width : 430mm 

- Height Front/Back : 560mm / 560mm 

- Depth : 600mm 

- Weight : 35kg/79.3lb 

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