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The purest and most tangible audio experience



The X8 has an 8-inch speaker mounted in a bass reflector and a 1.75-inch diaphragm compression driver with a waveguide tube The X8 enclosure is based on 2-way designs, one low-frequency and high-frequency band. The rated impedance of the low-frequency is 16ohms, and the rated impedance of the high-frequency is 16ohms.  
The X8 enclosure is made of Baltic birch plywood to ensure maximum acoustic and mechanical integrity.  
The 3-point suspension system is integrated in the enclosure, and the X8 enclosure works in the rated frequency range of 70Hz to 20kHz. The frequency response system can be extended to 36Hz, and special X8 Sub extended bass, Xiv18 or Xiv28 subwoofer are added respectively. X8 produces a 100°symmetrical horizontal coverage. The suspension system allows vertical assembly of different box angles up to 6 degrees, forming a line array with variable parameters to ensure a perfect acoustic effect.  
The X8 system is driven by C15/H series/VDA12 power amplifier controller to ensure the linearization of passive system, the protection of loudspeaker and the optimization of loudspeaker system in different operations. The acoustics of the system will depend on the preset and selected physical configuration.  
The X8 has a smooth frequency and phase response. The combination of a 1x1.75" HF and a 1x8" LF provides an extremely high sound pressure/volume ratio. The low frequency part uses a specially designed phase plug to reduce interference between the two units, improving directivity and increasing sensitivity. A coherent planar sound wave is formed without generating acoustic diffraction, thereby achieving superior coverage control and high fidelity sound effects. This advanced drive unit design allows each individual cabinet module to be perfectly acoustically coupled to form an almost continuous and truly coherent line source. 


- Maximum SPL 131dB

- 1 x 8"neodymium low frequency drive unit

- 1 x 1.75"neodymium high frequency drive unit

- 100° horizontal

- Adjust angle 0°,2°,4°,6°,8°,10°,12°

- Rigging or ground stacking integrated assembly system

- Add X8 Sub Extended low frequency  

- Add Xiv18 / Xiv28 subwoofer system

- Low frequency limit extends to 70Hz (-10dB)

- C15/H Series /VDA12 power amplifier controller 

 Technical Specifications 

- TYPE : 2-way active enclosure

- Frequency Response(Preset) : 70Hz-20kHz(-10dB) 

- Nominal directivity : (-6dB)

- Horizontal : 100° 

- Angle Increments : 0°  2°  4°  6°  8° 10°  12° 

- Drivers : HF:1× 1.75" Neodymium / LF:1× 8" Neodymium 

- Handling Power (AES) : HF:60W / LF:200W 

- Maximum Peak SPL : 131dB/1m 

- Nominal Impedance : LF:16Ω / HF:16Ω 

- Pin Connections : NL4=LF:+1-1 HF:+2-2 

- Connections: 2 x NL4 SpeakOn 

- Width : 430mm

- Height Front/Back: 275mm / 212mm 

- Depth : 300mm/360mm 

- Weight : 14kg/30.8lb 

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