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The purest and most tangible audio experience



A satisfactory experience often requires coordination between the wide and short distance coverage required by the listener closest to the stage and the narrow, long range coverage required by the audience behind the venue. Similarly, when the player is close to the sound, the coverage of the monitor must be wider, and when it is far from the performer, the coverage must be narrower. The asymmetric horn in the PS10 loudspeaker is designed such that the vertical coverage is narrower above the horn shaft than below. User-friendly rotation to ensure the best directionality in the application process. 
The PS10 is a 2-way high-performance stage monitor speaker that provides a 60Hz-18kHz frequency range with an integrated 10" low frequency and 1.75" exit horn-loaded high-frequency driver.  
This unique speaker provides a 100° x 50° (H x V) constant directional dispersion that provides a precisely defined coverage area on the stage. The PS10 can also work in high performance mode. When the speaker is used vertically, the PS10 can be used as a powerful PA speaker with a dispersion of 100° x 50°. The monitor angle is matched with two angles of 45° / 15°. The PS10 can also be used as a powerful fill system. Suitable for a variety of applications.  
For installation applications, the PS10 enclosure is made of birch plywood and includes 2 handles and a 35mm pole socket. The PS10 features an impact-resistant finish, an M8 threaded insert and a socket that holds the speaker stand. The front of the speaker cabinet is protected by a rigid metal grill with clear foam, and the chute in the bottom panel prevents scratches and movement.  


- 2-way Full range coaxial monitor

- Maximum SPL 128dB

- 1 x 10" Ferrite low driver unit

- 1 × 1.75" Ferrite Compression driver

- 100 ° horizontal coverage angle

- 50 ° vertical coverage angle

- Monitor angle (1) 45°

- Monitor angle (2) 15°

- Ground stacking integrated assembly system

- Install ⌀ 35mm pole socket

- 13x M8 threaded insert  

 Technical Specification 

- Type : 2-way Full range Enclosure 

- Mirror symmetry : Left/Right 

- Frequency Response(Preset) : 60Hz-18kHz(± 3dB) 

- Horizontal : 100° 

- Vertical : 50° 

- Monitor Angle : 45°(1) / 15°(2)

- Drivers : HF:1× 1.75"(Ferrite) / LF:1× 10"(Ferrite)  

- Handling Power (AES) : HF:60W / LF:250W 

- Maximum Peak SPL : 128dB/1m 

- Nominal Impedance : LF:8Ω / HF:8Ω 

- Pin Connections : NL4=LF:+1-1

- Connections : 2 x NL4 SpeakOn 

- Width : 300mm 

- Height : 490mm 

- Depth : 275mm 

- Weight : 15kg/33Ib

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