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The AV-27 Line Array Element is designed to deliver outstanding music and speech reproduction in a variety of applications including outdoor events, classical and theatrical productions and A/V presentations of all types.

Where other line-array manufacturers have to develop special waveguides and adaptors to convert a spherical pattern into a flat wave front, SA’s SA8535 neodymium ribbon high frequency driver has the perfect radiation pattern for building line arrays. Therefore it is no surprise that this driver is the core of the AV27 design. Also, the feather light membrane guaranties an unmatched frequency response in excess of 20kHz, without break-up artifacts that are inherent to compression drivers.

The important midrange band is handled by two SA806 8” drivers. Direct radiation provides a smooth, warm uncolored sound in this critical band. The efficiency is surprisingly high for a direct radiating design.

Where both midrange and high frequency sections match perfectly in maximum SPL, we needed a similar efficient low frequency section. One direct radiating 15” wouldn’t be able to cope with the mid and high section, and a double 15” setup would make the cabinet larger and heavier than we intended. So we opted for a band-pass design with a single 15” loudspeaker, that is tuned for maximum efficiency between 70Hz and 200Hz. This way only a single amplifier channel is needed for the LF channel. The AV27 is therefore extremely amplifier friendly. All frequency sections (LF/MF/HF) have a 8Ω impedance, so a rack of two stereo amplifiers can drive 4 x AV27 with one amp channel left for subwoofers.

All these components make the AV27 the world’s most powerful “ribbon” line array to date!

 Technical Specifications 

- Frequency response : 70Hz – 30kHz (+/- 3dB)
- Usable band width : 55Hz – 30kHz (+/- 10dB)
- Transducers : 1 x SA1508N, 15” neodymium LF driver / 2 x SA0806, 8” MF driver / 2 x SA8535, neodymium HF driver
- Cross-over frequencies : 200Hz - 1700Hz
- Nominal impedance : 8Ω LF, 8Ω MF, 8Ω HF
- Sensitivity @ 1W/1m : 104dB LF, 108dB MF, 115dB HF
- Max. RMS power : 400W LF, 200W MF, 120W HF
- Max. Peak power : 800W LF, 1000W MF, 2000W HF
- SPL program : 130dB
- Coverage angles : horizontal 75° (300Hz – 30kHz), vertical varies with array configuration
- Enclosure angles : 0°, 0.63°, 1.25°, 2.5°,5°
- Signal processing : presets for various controllers are available on request
- Rigging : integrated flying Hardware
- Max. load rated per vertical drop : 16 enclosures
- Enclosure construction : 15mm Birch plywood, 8 handles, Protexture finish
- Color : SA Black, other colors on request
- Front : expanded steel with acoustic transparent cloth
- Connectors : 2 x SpeakON NL8 (linked), DDC prewired for LF
- Physical dimensions (H x W x D) : 460mm x 1200mm x 600mm (18.1” x 47.2” x 23.6”)
- Weight : 72kg (158.7lb)

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