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The purest and most tangible audio experience



The AR802 Amplifier rack is specially designed for use with SA Line Array enclosures AV27 and AB37 elements.

 Technical Specifications 


-Signal processing : presets for various controllers are available on request, or four dedicated EFN prints in the ES40 amps

-Power consumption : 400VA standby, 5600VA 1/8 max. output power pink noise in

-Electrical connections : 3p+N+A 16Amp CEE form


-Mains : depending on your country

-Speakers : 8-conductor wires with SpeakON NL8 for AV27, 4-conductor wires for the AB37 with SpeakON NL4


-Rack construction : Birch plywood, Perstorp finish, 4 handles

-Physical dimensions (H x W x D) : 690mm x 715mm x 595mm (27.2” x 28.1” x 23.4”)

-Weight : 90kg (198.4lb)

-Warranty : 5 years limited (1 year on ‘moving parts’)

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