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The purest and most tangible audio experience



The AH36 is a three-way active-filtered LMF/MF/HF cabinet, featuring double SA1205 12" speakers, double SA0802 8" speakers and double SA8535XL Ribbon Compact Drivers; all mounted on their own wave-guide with a symmetrical coverage of 36 degrees horizontal and 30 degrees vertical. All speakers in the AH36 are forced cooled by the SA AIRsystem TM. The AIR-systemTM is reducing magnet operating temperature by 20 degrees. This reduction of operating temperature caters for a dramatically reduced power compression for the cone drivers and a doubled power handling for the Ribbon Compact Drivers.

The AH36 is a combination of traditional craftsmanship and high-tech CNC routers. The horn flares of each section are formed by 3mm Baltic Birch plywood for smooth guided curves. The cavities between the cabinets side walls and behind the horn flares are filled with structural foam. This construction has an excellent ’’stiffness-to-weight’’ ratio with excellent acoustic damping and cavity resonance suppression. The cabinet construction is made of 15mm multi-layer Baltic Birch panels, connected with tongue and grove for a larger connecting surface and supported by lightweight bracing. A result for cabinets both extremely durable and very light in weight.

 Technical Specifications 

- Frequency response : 90Hz – 30kHz (+/- 3dB)
- Transducers : 2 x SA1205, 12” LMF driver / 2 x SA0802, 8” MF drive r / 2 x SA8535XL, HF neodymium driver
- Cross-over frequencies : 250Hz – 1900Hz
- Nominal impedance : 4Ω LMF, 8Ω MF, 6Ω HF
- Sensitivity @ 1W/1m : 107dB LMF, 112dB MF, 113dB HF
- Max RMS power : 300W LMF, 200W MF, 240W HF
- Max peak power : 2000W LMF, 1300W MF, 1540W HF
- SPL program/peak : 133/140dB LMF, 135/142dB MF, 137/145dB HF
- Coverage angles (H x V), single enclosure : 36° x 30°
- Signal processing : presets for various controllers are available on request
- Enclosure construction : 15mm Baltic Birch plywood, 8 handles, Protexture finish
- Rigging : integrated flying hardware
- Color : SA Black, other colors on request
- Front : expanded steel with acoustic transparent cloth
- Connectors : 1 x SpeakOn NL8
- Physical dimensions (H x W x D) : 1100mm x 626mm x 592mm (43.3” 2x4 .7” x 23.3”)
- Weight : 87kg (191.8lb) incl. flying hardware

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