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The purest and most tangible audio experience



5CS provides original, powerful acoustic effects in an ultra-compact 5-inch housing. It can supplement any smaller audio system in previous fill or distributed applications. Its wide conical directional mode provides a smooth off-axis response - ensuring the best sound effect to the audience's location.  
5CS has a variety of customized colors, which can be easily integrated into any architectural style to meet the most demanding architectural needs. Hanging options include wall mounting, ceiling mounting and microphone bracket mounting in different directions to integrate into any possible situation. For Installation applications, this unique horn provides 110° x 110° (H x V) constant directional dispersion, providing precisely defined coverage areas on the stage. 5CS can also work in high efficiency mode. When the speaker is used vertically, 5CS can be used as a powerful PA speaker and a powerful sound compensation system for various applications.  
5CS has impact resistant paint, M8 threaded inserts and sockets that can accommodate mic stand Each M6 threaded insert can accommodate U-shaped hangers.  
The cabinet shall be equipped with internal hardware and connected through two parallel NL-4 SpeakOn.  
Size width: 165mm, height: 165mm, depth 165mm, box weight should be 3.5kg/7.7lbs  


- 5 inch Coaxial

- Short Distance Applications (Distributed)

- Maximum SPL 121dB

- 1 x 5" neodymium low driver unit

- 1 x 1" neodymium High driver unit

- Horizontal 110° Vertical 110°  

- Monitor Angel(1) 0°

- Mic stand U-shaped

- 12Low/12LowX extend Bass

- 1x M8 Mic stand

- 2x M6 U threaded insert

- H Series /VDA12 power amplifier controller

- Dark brown、White 

 Technical Specification 

- Type :  Full range 

- Frequency Response(Preset) : 95Hz-20kHz(-10dB) 

- Horizontal : 110°(-6dB) 

- Vertical : 40°

- Drivers : HF:1× 1.75" Neodymium / LF:1× 5" Neodymium    

- Handling Power (AES) :  HF : 50W / LF :80W

- Maximum Peak SPL :  121dB/1m 

- Nominal Impedance : LF:16Ω / HF:16Ω

- Pin Connections : NL4=LF:+1-1

- Connections : 2 x NL4 SpeakOn 

- Width : 165mm 

- Height Front/Back : 165mm / 165mm  

- Depth : 165mm 

- Weight : 3.5kg/7.7Ib

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