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544 is a Columnar Source sound column system, suitable for a variety of applications, designed for professionals and high-end residential applications requiring high fidelity and sound pressure level.The 584 enclosure isequippedwithfour 4-inchloudspeakers,withanominalimpedance of8 ohms,andissealedwith 9mm birch plywood to provide a frequency range of [130hz-18kHz (-6dB) / 100Hz-20kHz (-10dB)].Both produce an H / V 90 ° x 25 ° (5 ° - 25 °) vertical dispersion mode that can be switched to a wide or narrow coverage, optimizing horizontal coverage and extended projection capabilities.
In fixed installation applications, 584 and 544 are particularly suitable for enhancing sound in building environment and acoustics. A challenging environment with a combination of high definition, high SPL and extended bandwidth. Its high fidelity audio signal and beautiful lines can meet the needs of high-end residential projects. For rental, 584 and 544 are fast to deploy and easy to assemble. As a powerful PA loudspeaker, its excellent projection ability can meet the needs of large space and multi-functional hall.
584, 544 and 524 can be stacked as an independent system or fixed on one of its ultra-low speaker extensions. Compatible with wall mounted and flying. With a variety of custom colors, you can easily integrate any architectural style to meet the most demanding architectural needs. Hanging options include wall mounting, ceiling mounting, and audio bracket mounting in different directions to integrate into any possiblesituation.There areM6threadedinsertsonthe leftandrighttoaccommodatetheU-shapedhanger, 8 x M8 nut mounting holes on the rear, and adjustable height of mounting accessories.


-  4 inch Columnar source

- Maximum SPL 129dB

- 4 x 4" Ferrite low frequency drive unit

- Horizontal 90°

- Vertical 0°-25°

- LF frequency extended to 100Hz(-10dB)

- Long Distance Applications (Distributed)

- ⌀35mm Speaker stand / U-shaped

- 5x M6 threaded insert

- 3x M8 threaded insert(Accessories)

- 12Low/12LowX/Xiv18 Extend Bass

 Technical Specification 

- Type : Columnar Array 

- Frequency Response(Preset) : 130Hz-18kHz(-6dB) / 100Hz-20kHz(-10dB)

- Horizontal : 90° (-6dB)

- Vertical : 5°-25°(-6dB)

- Drivers : LF:4×4"(Ferrite)

- Handling Power (AES) : LF:160W

- Maximum Peak SPL : 129dB/1m

- Nominal Impedance : LF:8Ω 

- Pin Connections : NL4=LF:+1-1

- Connections : 2 x NL4 SpeakOn

- Width : 135mm

- Height Front/Back : 515mm/515mm

- Depth : 160mm

- Weight : 7kg / 15.4Ib

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